Organic Asparagus


  1. On farm retail – See Kerr Farm Market in our links.
  2. We are the sole packer of Loblaw’s Presidents Choice Organic asparagus
  3. Exported to the Midwestern States and Marketed under the Organic Valley Brand.  We are members of the Cropp Cooperative which markets as Organic Valley
  • Mature field – 35 acres – Planted 1997,1998 – Still growing strong
  • Mature Field – 10 acres – Planted 2011.  First harvest was 2013.  It has drip irrigation
  • New field – 22 acres – Planted 2015.  First harvest will be in 2017 for a half season.

Fertilization using compost and natural mined minerals.  We are experimenting with white dutch clover as a living ground cover under the asparagus.

We are also a member of the AFO or Asparagus Farmers of Ontario.  Check out there webpage to see some great recipes.